Altus White Rock v2



Altus White Rock is a new mid-to-high end residential real estate development going up in White Rock. BAM has been growing as a studio steadily for a number of years and this project was one of the first where all four departments were on board on the same project at the same time: Branding, Interactive, 3D Rendering and Interior Design.


The main challenge faced on this project for the digital team was making sure that the experience provided by the interactive touchscreens and website were consistent. Not only with the branding for the project produced by our print team but also with the physical space of the sales centre created by our interior design team. At the same time, we had to ensure our product was useable by both customers visiting the sales centre and sales team members giving demonstrations on the floor. As always we wanted to ensure a consistent digital experience for the user from web to presentation centre.



Realogics Marketing, Laconia Developments


  • UX Design

  • UI Design

  • Brand &  Visual Design