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Concord Pacific

Concord Pacific is one of Canada’s largest real estate developers and the largest in Vancouver. Concord for a long time has focused on communicating to their customers and investors that they are community builders as much as they are real estate developers. I was tasked with updating their website to better communicate this position and also adapt their recent print brand overhaul for digital.


While they certainly have a deep portfolio of projects, Concord was struggling to expand investor and customer perception beyond that. Our goal was to create a site that functioned both as showcase for the depth of Concord’s portfolio, but also (and more importantly from Concords point of view) highlight their strength as builders and cultivators of community through urban planning, community engagement and event hosting.



Concord Pacific


  • UX Design

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Building Communities, not condos

A big part of the design we do at BAM is storytelling, we want to make sure that the user is interacting with our products in a way that delivers them the information they need to find and communicate the pedigree of the developer they may work with or purchase from.

As one of the largest developers in Canada, Concord is long past the point of simply listing all the individual developments they have. We designed a ‘Communities’ landing page that would highlight just how many cities they have developed whole neighbourhoods in. Of course, special attention was placed on Vancouver and Toronto to highlight their involvement in these cities.

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Customer Care Redesign

A big selling point for many of Concords customers is the customer care on offer. However a problem we encountered was over-abundance of information that was hard to parse quickly.

We redesigned the Customer Care section of the website to be more immediately actionable for the users visiting.

We did this by creating a separate section for the two primary user groups: Tenants and Homeowners. Once the user had navigated to their pertinent section we organised the content by user jobs to be done. This allowed the user to very quickly find the information they were looking for on the website by relating the site information architecture their real life experience.

Users were only exposed to information that they would need at the time.

Users were only exposed to information that they would need at the time.